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Starting from the next academic year 2020-2021

Master's degree programme in Geology For Energy Resources

The on-going transition phase of the energy sector poses a new and essential requirement for advanced education paths, specifically aimed at forming a new generation of geoscientists, able to integrate the traditional knowledge of surface and subsurface geological architectures and processes, with innovative applications to the sustainable exploration and production of energy resources, including alternative energies.

In this framework, the MsC in Geology for Energy Resources is a two-years multidisciplinary course covering a range of subjects related to Earth Sciences, and their application to energy exploration and production. The course is aimed at students who are intended to develop a professional position in the energy companies, environmental and geotechnical consulting industries, government agencies and for graduate studies at the doctoral level. The course has been structured in close collaboration with Eni-ECU (Eni Corporate University).

The Master's degree programme will be held entirely in English

For details on the teaching path, educational activities, pre-requisites and other useful information click here

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